Sponsorship to Improve a Child's Future

The ‘Early-Years-Education’ of children is vital to prepare them for schooling and furthermore this  period considers very essential for their life to change and develop in order to move out of their families and enter society. The preparation for their further lives; physical and mental, as well as intellectual and social, will help the children growing up cared for and prospering.

     Wat Mahavong Community Daycare Center –FORDEC 6, located at Somrong district, Samootprakarn province, supports more than 190  children aged between 2.5 - 6 years. In this facility the children get prepared to enter primary school after the 4th level. They will get the readiness to handle upcoming tasks in their future lives. More than 75% of the children come from poor families. The center employs an officer, 8 teachers, 2 housekeepers and a permanent volunteer. Its area is 355 square wah comprising Happy Building, Hope Building,  Dream Building and a hut. The Daycare Center offers a variety of different activities and possibilities. 

     The facility also functions as center for non-formal education (Tumbol Somrong, community learning).  Furthermore, pupils, undergraduates, students or volunteers have the ability to learn and works there, as well as activities on holidays are part of the program of the Community Center. In addition the Center offers guidance for social welfare to poor and helpless people and families.

     The project is necessitated to care for and develop young children to survive and growing up safety as  well as  to help children preparing themselves to enter school age. Children will be fed up and helped developing proper according to their age and to release the burden of poor families in supporting the    education of the children. With only 30 Baht/day, 900Baht/month or 10.800Baht/year you sponsor one child. Whether on behalf of organization, cooperation, individual person or a connection of individuals you have the ability to help children in need.

     It is well-known that early-years-education of the children, between two to six years old, is very important for their development. They have to be prepared to be ready for formal education which normally starts at the age of six. This period of learning and developing is very critical for the children in accordance to their physical growth.

    Therefore early-years-education helps children developing in all aspects; physical, mental, intellectual as well as social; and so giving them the possibility to grow in proper with their age.

     The program will help the children to be prepared for formal education which they start at the age of six. The children will learn how to adopt themselves, to socialize and to start learning, reading and writing. Sponsorships will help releasing family burdens of the poor in caring about their child and sending them to school.

     All children in early-years-education will normally receive two food supplements before and after lunch as well as noon-meal. Other cares are helping the children to prepare themselves in every aspect like recreation and sports, guaranteeing the safety of the children in the Daycare Center from 8a.m. to 4.30p.m. (Monday-Friday) and counseling service for families in difficult circumstances. FORDEC spends in about 1,500 baht a month per child for caring about a child. Each child’s parent is encouraged to contribute to the support by FORDEC with  200 baht per child a month. However, over 10% of parents are not able to afford the amount and so FORDEC cares about a lot of children without getting any payments.

     For more information, please contact FORDEC foundation at 1035/9 Srinakarin Rd, 35 Suanluang, Bangkok Thailand.  10250.
Telephone :  (66)0 2721-2983,  Fax (66) 0 2721-2985.  E-mail : info@fordecthail.org, www.fordecthai.org
You can make a direct donation to: 


BangkokSeacon Square232-0-29388-5
Siam CommercialOn-nut104-2-08068-0
every counter service at all Seven-Eleven shops.
     ***Once you have transferred the money, please do let the Foundation know so that a thank you letter and a receipt can be sent to you for tax deduction.
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