History and Rationale of Organization

In real life who would believe that an orphan with relative or friend, having only the street for a home and the open-market for a place to stay, eating left-over for food, with no opportunity for education and no hope for the future…would grow up to be a credit to  society. He was already 17 years olds when he started to read and write the alphabet on his own.  He decided to devote his life to other, so that they motivation, he  was recognized and decorated by the Royal palace and awarded an honorary doctorate by a university in the united states.

     His Name…Dr.Amporn Wathanavongs is the person who experienced this life…and has been given the little of “The father who gives new life to poor children"

     When Thailand experienced a servers downturn of economy in 1997, causing many economic, societal and family problems, including joblessness in the industrial sector which had a great impact on families, their works, and especially children. Millions of people were left without works, thousands of families had return to their home village to make a living. This especially affected the children who are the basis of the future of the country.


        Right in the center of all this stood  Dr. Amporn W. who decided to do what he could by establishing  a Foundation for Rehabilitation & development of children and family  (FORDEC) , using his own retirement funds. He announced this on Valentine’s day,14th  Feb,1998. As is well known ,St. Valetine is the “person of love”  It was to be sing of love for all in distress wherever in body, mind or spirit without regard to race, color or religion under the motto: "One’s love and concern to all distressed”

     The foundation was formed on February 14, 1998 to realize and extend Love, symbolized by St. Valentine and transformed into action to bring about material and spiritual needs to all distressed, to uplift their living condition with human dignity. FORDEC  is a charitable organization dedicated to help provide services to children, youth, families and the aged, who are poor, handicapped, wanderers, homeless, drug addicts, abused and in difficult circumstances.  The foundation provides material assistance for survival which is necessary for their physical and mental growth such as: lunch programs, immunization programs, iodine deficiency programs, opportunity for education, vocational training, cooperative organizations, natural/ecological preservation, health care in remote areas and the opportunity for all development.  There are many who are waiting to be helped.

The Foundation for the Rehabilitation and Development of Children and Family (FORDEC) is a charitable organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children, poor families, etc.  FORDEC ’s principle  “One’s love and concern…For all distressed”. FORDEC is a Public Charity Foundation No.585  Donation is Tax Deductible is Thailand.
     The Foundation was officially registered on the 16th of August,1998. (Registration No. 752).  FORDEC is the Best recognized by  Ministry of Social Development and Human Security recognition No.15 as Outstanding Public Organization (2005).  National Outstanding Organization helping people in difficult circumstances, awarded by ministry for Social Development and Human Security, 2007. Award Regional Awadee- Central from Thailand NGO Awards 2011 from The Rockefeller Foundation.  Award  2nd Runner-Up : Medium Category from Thailand NGO Awards 2012 from The Rockefeller Foundation and Thailand Literacy Award 2012 from UNESSCO.

Dr.Amporn W. President


     A public/charitable Organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children poor person in difficult circumstances and disadvantaged without regard race color or religion to up lift their living condition. Hold to one's principles of doing goodness. Integrity and sincere to donor and client, with a professional management by quality and service with love.

Mission Statement

     To help provide material and spiritual need to all under privileged children, numbers  of poor families in distressed, to up-life living condition regardless of race and religion. 

Value 7 points

  1. Service  Mind and Management 
  2. Merit Mind & Honesty
  3. Ownership
  4. Teamwork  
  5. Continuous Learning   
  6. Smart & Smile 
  7. Sponsor-Focused Organization


  1. To help rehabilitate children and youth who are poor, handicapped, abused, wandering, homeless, addicted to drugs, and HIV/AIDS+ by providing them with opportunities for physical and intellectual growth, to uplift their living conditions regardless of race and religion, and upholds the protection of children's rights.
  2. To promote cultural and moral values, good habits and spiritual values among children and youth so that they will become future productive citizens.
  3. To help develop families to have good health, decent housing and occupational assistance to increase family income for the attainment of their better living conditions.
  4. To work or cooperate with other similar agencies for public interest.

Model of Operation

     To find an individual or a group to assist a child as a person-to -person sponsor. You can join  our sponsorship program named " one's love and concern...for all distressed". With only 30 Baht a day or 900 Baht a month you can help a needy child grow. You can pay 5,400 Baht ($US.180) for 6 months or 10,800 Baht ($US.360) per year as you wish. Your sponsored child will receive all basic  need : food, clothing, medical care and the opportunities for further and higher education, or vocational training according to their potential capabilities. Besides sponsoring a child annually, you can choose to join our  LIEF SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM by donating a total sum of 500,000 Baht ($US.14,000) per child The fund will be established in your name and only the interest earned from the capital will be used to support a child covering nutritional meals, education, medical care and general welfare as long as needed. Normally, the child will be assisted until the age of 18. After that a new needy child will be substituted. For general donations, funds will be used to assist a child who does not have a sponsor or to help needy families as appropriate or other programs at the discretion of the foundation.

Target Group

  1. Underprivileged children
  2. Poor families and the needy

Foundation for Rehabilitation & Development of Children and Family (FORDEC)

1035/7-10 Srinakarin 35 Road, Suanluan, Bangkok 10250, Thailand  or
P.O. Box 33, On-nut, Bangkok, 10250,Thailand

โทรศัพท์ : (66)-02-721-2983
โทรสาร  : (66)-02-721-2985
Email :  amporn@fordecthai.org, info@ fordecthai.org
www.fordecthai.org ; www.fordecusa.org

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