Scholaships and School supplies for deserving students(copy)


Scholaships and School supplies for deserving students(copy)

Children are the future of the Nation. The importance of child development is making good citizens by giving them the opportunity of education. Developing a child physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and intellectually, helping them to grow in the best way, has the power to develop the Nation. All sectors of society must work together to protect and solve the problems before it is too late.

The project of “Scholarships and School supplies for deserving students is under The Education & Empowerment and children’s learning Program” is an essential project that helps provide children in Thailand future education opportunities. The program is also to be help their families/ children to have a new hope and to develop themselves. Needy families can access and receiving assistance for survival and opportunities for development during on their studies.

At present, Foundation for Rehabilitation and Development of Children and Families (FORDEC) continuously supports 532 children, they come from poor families, some were abandoned, some, orphaned, abandoned, children in slums, hill tribe children and children affected by AIDS in education and development as following :
1. 120 kids, group of Wat Mahavong Community Daycare Center-
FORDEC 6, Samut Prakan Province
2. 412 children of General Children from kindergarten level - Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education, more than 473 in Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Chiang Mai, Lampang and Chaiyaphum and general cases in another province.

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