Lunch Program

        Food is one of the main essential basic needs for human life. “This lunch…I offer you”  is the program to help feed more than 120 children aged 2.5-6 year-old at Mahawong Daycare Center-FORDEC 6.  Most of them are either orphaned, abandoned or from very poor families who live in congested / slum near the center.  Many of them suffer malnutrition and their weight and height are lower than normal standard for their ages.  This daycare is supported by the local government (Tambol Council) with 50,000 Baht per year more than 200,000 Baht per month for running expenses and services for the children.
       Your contribution of 2,000 Baht per day can provide a nutritious lunch and afternoon snack for 120 children at the center. With this amount, the children will receive all necessary and nutritious food necessary for the development according to their ages.  The food menu is prepared and approved by a village health center of Public Health Department.  The contribution can be made by individual/ on behalf of  his/her family, company, or for special occasions such as for birthday, marriage anniversary or the anniversary of the starting of a business or company.  Activities of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) include offering lunch to the children a common birthday once a month, twelve times a year.  The Foundation does not encourage sponsors to bring food to the center because often the amount of food brought far exceeds the amount needed and then is wasted.  Also, children learn to compare and become choosy about food which is contrary to the purpose of the Center.   The aim of the foundation is to encourage children to eat a balanced meal as prepared by the center.  Should there be any surplus of fund, it is used to prepare the next day’s lunch.
     Furthermore,  there is a  sponsorship program  “Your kids…We Care” along term and continuous assistance program one to one sponsor of 900 baht per month per child) to help the needy children. The program is deigned to help lessen parental worries for the well-being of the children while at the center which, in turn,  enables them to work with maximum effectiveness knowing that their children are in the hands of qualified caretakers.  The children will also be free from dangerous happenings.  The planned daily activities of the center are aimed at physical, social and spiritual development.  All contributions are of great value for the work of the foundation and of great benefits to all children. 

     The Foundation would like to invite all those who are concerned for the underprivileged children at this center to donate according to your capacity.
     For more information, please contact FORDEC foundation at 1035/9 Srinakarin Rd, 35 Suanluang, Bangkok Thailand.  10250.
Telephone :  (66)0 2721-2983,  Fax (66) 0 2721-2985.  E-mail :,
You can make a direct donation to:
BangkokSeacon Square232-0-29388-5
Siam CommercialOn-nut104-2-08068-0
every counter service at all Seven-Eleven shops.
     ***Once you have transferred the money, please do let the Foundation know so that a thank you letter and a receipt can be sent to you for tax deduction.
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