Milk + Eggs…for kids at Home


คุณสามารถช่วยเด็กได้เพียงแชร์ และ/หรือร่วมสมทบทุนไ้ด้ด้วย❤️❤️ You can help kids just click share and/or make a kind donation❤️❤️

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Milk + Eggs…for kids at Home

Only 100฿ You can help one kid to get boxes of milk + eggs for everyday in a week, or 400฿ for one month or 2,000฿ for 140 hungry kids per day. Project will start from September to December 2021, with a needed a budget of 240,000฿, we now FORDEC foundation have 28,000฿ can service only 14 days! PLEASE HELP TOGETHER!!!.

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